Love the Autumn – do photography!

Summer has holidays, winter has Christmas. Autumn, sandwiched in between has nothing but colour.

But, oh what colour!

two lines of tall trees in autumn colours

a spectacular ride of trees in every season


Autumn’s the best. Yes, photography in spring is beautiful when everything bursting into life. Winter is wonderful in it’s sharpness and starkness. And of course long, sultry, summer days are magnificent. But Autumn? Autumn is golden, it’s crunchy under foot and smells of sweet wood smoke and musty damp leaves, it’s the sensual season. We should love the autumn.


Autumn should be walked in, listened to, breathed and touched. Autumn is definitely a time for photography. In fact, producing half a dozen good pictures of rich, autumn colours should be compulsory for anyone with a camera. A sort of licence fee-in-kind. There’d be a website where you’d upload your pictures, and anyone who didn’t would get a late night visit from mellow fruitful bailiffs; “show us your autumnally themed photographs or we’ll confiscate all your cameras, including your mobile.”

fungus, fir cones and blackberries

fungus is an exotic woodland pant, in the sense that it grows so quickly and might be deadly!

We’d have dedicated channels on Freeview and Sky showing an endless slideshow of trees dressed in reds, oranges and yellows. Giant spiders sitting in enormous webs strung with diamonds of water droplets. Drive-time sunsets. Trees hiding in mists. Squirrels snatching the last conkers and acorns.



And of course the Lords of Richmond’s parks, the growling grouches, noses in the air, nostrils twitching, sniffing for rivals, strutting stags watching over their herd. The camera is a tool for saving splendours to enjoy later.

a deer stag

a stag bellowing its presence


Trevor Aston works in Southwest London and Surrey photographing portraits, PR, events,

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