Corporate and Commercial Video Production

Video – A Vital Part of the Business Online Presence

Good video is a fantastic asset, but it must be based on a clear marketing message and built around a strong creative idea, my BBC films benefited from this approach. Good photography and copy is a better option if there is not a clear marketing justification for video. More businesses understand that making a video for their website must be about more than just getting the box marked ‘video’ ticked! If this is you, then get in touch to discuss how a video can work for your business by stimulating the right response – whether it’s a call to action, engagement or an emotion.

Profile Videos

A profile video is a simple address to the camera where you deliver your ‘elevator pitch’, as if to your ideal client. It can be about your products or services, or about what you do for your clients and what they say about you. More…

Testimonial Video

If customers and clients like what you do, make sure everyone knows it, otherwise you’re missing the chance to have existing clients help you sell to new ones! More…

Conference Video

Video recording a conference or seminar demands a highly professional approach and a precise attention to detail. More…

Exhibition Video

Exhibitions are the embodiment of a great deal of work by the organisers and the exhibitors, not to video the event would be a terrible missed opportunity. More…

‘How to’ and ‘About Us’ Video

These videos set out to give potential customers and clients a clear picture of the service or product they’re considering. More…

BBC TV Promos

The BBC invested well in my training in video and audio production. (I like to think the license payer got a decent return!) 

You can see some of the televisions promos I made as writer and director on this page.

Audio Slideshows – A Flexible Format of Photographs laid on a sound track

In videos, information is mostly conveyed through the sound rather than the pictures, so it’s sometimes a good idea to finalise the script first and then add pictures to illustrate what is heard. In this way still photographs can be animated over a soundtrack to make a very effective business video.

For business, a sound and slide presentation, or audio slideshow communicates very effectively with a potential client by explaining, demonstrating and showing, it’s a carefully constructed package of photographs and speech. More…



“Every picture tells a story, make sure it’s the right one!”
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