Video Profile

A profile video is a simple address to the camera where you deliver your ‘elevator pitch’, as if to your ideal client. It can be about your products or services, or about what you do for your clients and what they say about you. Or you might talk about yourself and your passion for your business. It’s up to you!
If you’re unsure about what to say don’t worry, we can help you develop your ideas before the shoot, perhaps write a script and even help you practice your presentation. There’s no need to worry about loosing your way during your recording, I can give you direction and can provide an autocue for the script.

I promise you’ll leave with a first rate, professional video in the can. It really is the nearest thing to actually being in front of someone in their office.

As a writer and director with the BBC, I took a brief for a promo from the marketing department, conceived an idea or ‘treatment’, then wrote the script and directed the shoot. I’ll use these skills to help you develop your pitch – such as envisaging your target audience, connecting with them and then presenting your offer.


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