Find the right photographer and you’ll look good forever


just be relaxed in front of the camera, easy isn’t it?

There’s no real secret to getting a good picture of yourself. Just choose a photographer with a feeling for, and understanding of you. Then you can look good forever. Simple.

Almost no one likes having their picture taken, many people hate it. But like the condemned ordering their last meal, most people just resign themselves to it. It’s got to be done, your going to feel uncomfortable with the camera’s beady stare fixed upon you, but it’s a necessity of modern life. As the book says; ‘feel the pain, and do it anyway’.

profile portrait photograph Teddington Richmond Surrey London

no tie, casual shirt, unshaved but looking good

looking good in a profile portrait

some people just look good in front of the camera!

Nicola Hill of NC Media believes people should just get on with it. “After years of standing in front a TV camera I know there’s no flaw in me that a lens hasn’t found already.” Nicola was a reporter for Sky News before she set up her own business. “But I know how to look my best on camera. My advice is too make an effort in choosing your photographer, find someone you feel you can trust.”

a good working portrait

looking away from the camera can make a portrait appear less formal

Most photographers spend time and money making themselves and their work visible online, so here’s the first step towards getting a good photograph of you; get searching photographers’ websites. Look for portraits that you wish were of you. You can’t look your best if you think the photographer’s a bit creepy, and some are. So the next stage is to work out whether you’re going to like the person you’re about to licence to gaze at you. Recommendations from people you respect are priceless, do you know anyone who has recently had new pictures taken? Web designers love good photographers, good photos make their job easier. Check out business networking groups and professional associations for their recommendations.

a great smile is always a winner in a good profile portrait photograph

a great smile is always a winner in a good profile portrait photograph

Another stage before calling them could be to send an email and see how long it takes for them to reply. What’s the tone of the reply, is it spelled correctly? I’m not suggesting that all creepy people have bad grammar, but if they can’t be bothered to run a spell check over an email, will they bother to polish the post-production on your picture?

Compile a short-list and ring them all, it’s unlikely to be a long list. Anyone who immediately tells you how good they are should be crossed off your list. They should take the time to find out about you and what you want. Ideally they’ll offer some suggestions about their approach. Tell them what you want to do with the images and what you don’t like about your appearence. Their response will betray how well they listened to you, and that should tell you if you want to work with them.

women sitting at a pieno

your photographer should understand what’s important to you

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