Whizzfit Energy-Intensive Promotional Video

event photographer Richmondpromotional event photographer Richmond Surrey London-5517I have to confess, when I first met Angus Effemy (Whizzfit.com founder) and he told me about the Dodgeball tournaments he organised, I really had no idea what Dodgeball was. Turns out, the name’s a give away! That was at least 18 months before Angus got in touch. We’d had a conversation at a networking event about how video could work on Whizzfit’s website, I was impressed that he remembered! Angus works with Lisa Woodward of Icing Consulting to help his marketing, we’d all met at the same business networking event. Lisa wrote a brief for the video and I wrote a treatment in response. It was great to be working with people totally determined to get the job done properly, not just done!

So off I drove one Sunday to Reeds School in Cobham, Surrey to film a Dodgeball and Nerf Afternoon. The unprepossessing sport hall was energised from the moment the first children arrived. They just ran and ran for the sheer joy of it!

Angus is brilliant at controlling the room and instigating the fun, getting the children and the adults involved and committed. He has a repertoire of games, all variations on the notion of dodging a ball. The adults, all parents of the children, were getting at least as much fun out of it as the youngsters!

I’d have loved to play the Nerf War with my son and his mates when they were younger. No, actually I’d still like to do it now they’re teenagers!

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