Family Photography in Their Home

Kingston family portrait

Doing family photography in their home is a real privilege. You’re being granted access to take pictures of the most precious thing, and being invited into an almost sacred place. The family and the home. Treat them both with the utmost respect and consideration. But remember you’re there for a reason and to do the job properly you need to take a degree of control and be prepared to assert yourself.

Family photography at home has to be fun, or no-one’s going to smile! Children will always be the most wary, if not downright suspicious so it’s important to speak to them straight away. That means a smile in your voice as well on your face. Ask the children for their advice about the best place to take the picture, who should sit where, who’s going to be the most naughty! Get ready to start taking pictures as quickly as possible, while the kids are still curious. Be prepared to move the furniture around to create a setting for the picture. Ask for the washing to be moved out of the shot if you need to, and then get on with it. Sometimes one parent isn’t very keen on being in the photograph. If they’re not going to smile don’t make too much effort to win them round. Instead, make them the brunt of your jokes, the kids will love it. Once and they’re laughing, most parents will too!

Here I am photographing Talya Stone’s family, she’s given me permission to show these pictures here, and this is the fabulous post she wrote about the shoot on her Motherhood – The Real Deal blog.


Here’s my post on How to Get Your Family Loving Photography

All these images are included with permission.

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