Audio Slideshow Video for Business

A Flexible Format of Photographs laid on a sound track

For business, a sound and slide presentation, or audio slideshow video communicates very effectively with a potential client by explaining, demonstrating and showing, it’s a carefully constructed package of photographs and speech. (more about video production)

Audio slideshow – video that’s split into two channels of communication

The sound is one channel and the pictures are the second – the way the pictures and the sound interact can be a third layer of communication. There’s nothing wrong with ordinary video, unless it’s wobbly, out of focus, badly lit and wooden performances. But video tends to made around the shots that happen to have been captured with the message often shoe-horned in. In an audio slideshow the message comes first – most of the information and meaning is carried by the sound, with pictures and graphics supporting and explaining.

Audio Slideshow Examples

How to Make Dim Sum

Chiu and Amie from ‘Naturally Chinese’ restaurant in Surbiton, Surrey show you how make dim sum. Dim sum refers to a style of Chinese food prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food traditionally served in small steamer baskets Amie runs courses at Naturally Chinese where Chiu teaches how to make them at home.


This is Us – EmbroidMe, Surrey

Jilesh Patel wanted to connect with his clients and share his enthusiasm for his great range of products.


Promoting an Event – Alex Wheatle at Tara Arts

The award-winning author Alex Wheatle MBE was photographed in rehearsal for his autobiographical play ‘Uprising’, directed by Jatinder Verma at TARA Studio in Earlsfield, London. The is about Alex’s experience in the 1981 Brixton riots, his imprisonment and discovering his writing talent. Alex and Jatinder Verma were interviewed about the show for this audio slideshow, which is being used by Tara Arts to promote the show around the UK.

Recent video work

BBC TV promos

“Every picture tells a story, make sure it’s the right one!”
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