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Photographer, video producer and director, writer, creative

These are some of the job titles I’ve been pleased to possess through my career. Employers included the BBC film unit, television, radio, and independent broadcasters and production companies. Since creating Trevor Aston Photography and Video I’ve worked for a wide range businesses and individuals. The training and experience I gained through the years was invaluable. I was very lucky to work with some amazing and generous people.

I became fascinated by photography when I was a teenager and saved my pocket money for months to buy my first camera when I was 14 years old. Then, with the earnings from a newspaper round I could afford one, 36 exposure roll of slide film per month. You can be sure I made every frame of film count!

It didn’t occur to me to become a photographer, I’m not sure I knew it was possible to do it for a living.  I certainly hadn’t heard of ‘art schools’ and instead studied engineering at university.  I scraped through my degree and after a few months as a quality control engineer in a kettle factory got a job as a sound recordist in the BBC.  The BBC training I received was the best you could get, anywhere. For me it began with a very thorough 12 week residential course.  

I worked for many years as a radio reporter and producer – there’s a surprising similarity between how you tell a story with a microphone and with a camera.  One highlight was winning a Gold Sony Radio Award for a programme about euthanasia. Winning something for a comedy show would have been better, but hey!

Eventually I was writing and directing promo films, a move I was able to make because I was a photographer.  I went on to study photography at the London College of Communications and then launch into this adventure of building my own business.

Recently I was nominated for a Sony World Photography Award and was a selected exhibitor in the Art of Photography Show in San Diego. I won a BPME Award for a radio promotion I made in the mid 90’s, and I produced a programme that won a Gold Sony Award for Brian Hayes and BBC Radio 2.

Based in Teddington in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, just across the river from Kingston upon Thames in south-west London.

You can see some of my recent video production here.

Please get in touch to discuss any project you have in mind, you can message me here or call 020 8977 2529.


Stock photography by Trevor Aston at Alamy