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Winter Trees

Winter trees, stripped bare, made vulnerable to winter’s whistling winds, the still, standing stock of unfelled firewood, yearly rings wrapped in goose-pimpled bark, readying its buds, parachute-packed with leaf to burst in the far-off prospect of spring.

My post on what to do with a camera in winter

Here’s wildlife photographer Paul Miguel with some tips on photographing frosty woodland.

Maybe this is Why I Have a Camera – Arizona Landscape Photography

storm clouds over the Painted Desert in Arizona

Landscape photography in Arizona – you see something that you just have to photograph, but you just don’t want to stop looking at it!

We were travelling to a wedding in Santa Fe, and flew into Las Vegas for the chance to drive across deserts. And because the flights were cheaper.  The sheer scale of north America knocks my socks off every time I visit, it just goes on and on and on. And of course the beauty of the landscape; I have to admit that the pictures in my mind’s eye of the Painted Desert in the Petrified Forest National Park are better than the landscape photography on this page!

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Far too big a carbon footprint this year- here’re some pics from a trip to Canada

Cycling in Italy