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Illuminate – New Event Space at the London Science Museum

London Science Museum has a new event space they call ‘Illuminate‘. Well worth having a look at if you’re planning an event. (remember to mention my name!)  There’s lots of space to move around, and not so noisy that you couldn’t hold a conversation. The food looked fine, although I didn’t get to eat any of it, obviously. It was the venue for the Association of British Science Writers annual awards. I was there taking photographs. It’s a great space with a giant picture window looking out over central London. 

Venues for Events in London

Banking Conference Photography

banking conference photographyThere used to be three bank branches on our high street, now there are none. I didn’t use them, so I can’t complain. Banking is changing a lot, which I assume is the excuse for a banking conference in a London hotel. I’ve covered several, photographing the accompanying exhibition and getting shots of the speakers in the conference. They’re really interesting, no honestly! Getting to peak inside other worlds is one of the great things about this job. More exhibition and event photography…

RBR London Conferences

To discuss photography at your event, call me on 020 8977 2529 or message.

Quiz Night Photographs

Apothecaries Hall London event photography

Apothecaries Hall, London

Quiz night photographs from the Apothecaries Hall in London. Every year a I photograph the quizzers at an event held by the Medical Journalist Association. They split into teams for the quiz and soon forget that someone’s taking photographs. It’s always good fun photographing such expression – from concentration to exasperation!

Event Photography

Venues for Events in London

Venues for Events in London

There are a lot of venues for events in London. Photographing the conference, seminar or networking event gives privileged access to some interesting buildings.

While I spend most of time photographing the VIPs and attendees, a few good shots of the hall and the building are always welcomed. This is my excuse to go exploring – I find my way onto the balcony or mezzanine, sneak down interesting, dark corridors or up the back stairs. With a brace of cameras around my neck, I can always claim I’ve got lost!

Below, I’ve included a few of the venues where I’ve worked, where you actually get a sense of the space. 

Most events venues in London look after photographers well, including providing some food and drink, staff in London’s events venues seem to see photographers as being on their side – just doing their jobs. Of course, if I’ve had a sandwich and a bottle of beer I’m more likely to photograph their venue at it’s best!

Venues in Kingston upon Thames

Photography at exhibitions

Photography at Public Relations events

Photography at awards events

Photography at conferences

Photography at gala dinners

White Noise – Artists and their Art on Exhibition in London

This was a terrific exhibition in a great space. The Crypt under St.Pancras Parish Church is everything you’d hope it would be – cool, damp, dark with low vaulted ceilings. It’s very different from typical sterile galleries. The works of art seem to interact with their surroundings giving a more ‘visceral’ feel. 

I was at the private view at the invitation of the artists and enjoyed photographing them alongside their work. Most of them weren’t keen on being photographed, it was their work they wanted to be the subject, not themselves.

Promotional Video – ‘How to Drive Your Business to the Next Level’

This seminar was filmed for a promotional video. Beverley Corson and Bryan Charter are Engineering Business Growth. They are a good example of the value of business networking – they met at a breakfast meeting, realised they shared a lot of their business philosophy and formed a partnership. This seminar – How to Drive Your Business to the Next Level’ is a taster for their ‘Engineering Business Growth Club’. 

I used my BBC training and skills to make this promotional video, filming editing and post-producing. If you’d like your business to benefit from a BBC-quality video, call on 020 8977 2529 or message me.

World Travel Market, Excel

The Travel Market is when the world descends on the Excel Conference Centre in London every autumn. Every square metre of this vast space is taken up by this truly international trade event. For several years I’ve been either videoing or photographing for ACFI, a news agency base on Gran Canaria. The trouble is, I don’t speak Spanish so I find myself doing a lot of smiling!World Travel Market Excel photographer-2-7

World Travel Market Excel photographer-2

Presidente del Cabildo de Gran Canaria, President Antonio Morales. Recently elected to the post, he was very patient waiting for the photography, a nice man I think.

World Travel Market Excel photographer-2-5

María Teresa Lorenzo, consejera de Turismo, Cultura y Deportes del Gobierno de Canarias

World Travel Market Excel photographer-2-6

La consejera de Turismo del Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Inés Jiménez

World Travel Market Excel photographer-2-8

La consejera de Turismo del Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Inés Jiménez

World Travel Market Excel photographer-9580

La consejera de Turismo del Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Inés Jiménez. Presidente del Cabildo de Gran Canaria, President Antonio Morales Maria Teresa Lorenzo

World Travel MArket. Excel London photography

Presidente del Cabildo de Gran Canaria, President Antonio Morales records a piece to camera about the World Travel Market for Gran Canaria TV.

World Travel Market Excel photographer-9908

Presidente del Cabildo de Gran Canaria, President Antonio Morales interviewed Gran Canaria radio from The World Travel Market at Excel, London

World Travel Market Excel photographer-9889

Tha Canary Islands stand at World Travel Market, Excel Exhibition Centre

World Travel Market Excel photographer-9844

Meeting one of the hoteliers on the Canary Islands stand

World Travel Market Excel photographer-9860

Yummy smoothies made freshly on the Canary Islands stand.

World Travel Market Excel photographer-9648

Inés Jiménez performing the official opening of the stand. At least I think that was what she was doing.

World Travel Market Excel photographer-9757 World Travel Market Excel photographer-9512

WTM-9687-2World Travel Market Excel photographer-9502

Catastrophe at The Apothecaries’ Hall in London – Event Photography

Ebola, Earthquakes and Medivacs; Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine

Apothecaries' Hall main staircase event photographer Trevor AstonAttentative audince Apothecaries' Hall event photographer Trevor AstonI was the photographer at the Apothecaries’ Hall in London for this event organised by the Medical Journalists Association.  The hall is beautiful and the ancient home of The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries.  The talk, organised by the Medical Journalist Association was given in the Great Hall.  Dating from 1671 the Great Hall has fantastic, dark Irish oak panelling with a carved screen at the south end of the room and a minstrels’ gallery at the north end.  Every time I needed to change position to photograph I walked on tip-toes across the very creaky oak floor, but I still sounded like a ghost creeping round a country house in the dead of night!

The Apothecaries’ Hall is also home to the world’s only Faculty of Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine which trains medical professionals from around the world to respond quickly to natural disasters, outbreaks of disease and battlefield injuries as well as longer-term emotional trauma.  At this meeting chaired by Lawrence McGinty, men and women who tackle some of the most challenging medical emergencies talked about life on the frontline of healthcare.

One of the privileges of being a photographer is getting to see things, getting to hear things or in this case, both!

Professor Richard Williams event photographer Trevor Aston

Professor Richard Williams, an international authority on psycho-social aspects of disasters based at the Humanitarian and Conflict Research Institute (HCRI) at Manchester University.

speaker Gillian Dacey Apothecaries' Hall event photographer Trevor Aston

Gillian Dacey, formerly with Public Health England, who has been at the forefront of fighting Ebola and is a specialist paramedic dealing with earthquake victims trapped under rubble.

Air Vice Marshal Aroop Mozumder, Commander, Defence Primary Healthcare, President of the Faculty of Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine based at the Society of Apothecaries.

Air Vice Marshal Aroop Mozumder, Commander, Defence Primary Healthcare, President of the Faculty of Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine based at the Society of Apothecaries.

Trevor Aston works in Richmond, Southwest London and Surrey as a portrait, event and editorial photographer.