Blogger’s Gallery – Portrait Photographs for Blog Writers

Well, not just bloggers actually! Anyone who writes articles or posts needs with strong and relevant imagery to support the words. For any kind of authored work a profile portrait is vital. If you write on a single topic you can probably get away with one picture, but if like most good bloggers you aim to vary the tone and nature of your posts, then different portrait pictures might be appropriate. The same shot wouldn’t do for a piece on party food and a piece on bereavement. 

There may be somewhere you’d like to shoot your images, but working in my Teddington studio to produce 10 pictures will cost from £200. Please give me a call on 020 8977 2529 or send me a message.

Incidentally, this not my original insight, credit goes to Robin Adams from Mailchimp Answers, who came to me with a collection of props and a list of pictures he wanted for his blogs and website.