Christmas Party – Business and Corporate Photography

corporate team Christmas party photograph

Make a Legend of the Works Do

We all love to party, and the employer that doesn’t offer a bash at Christmas deserves to be dubbed a Scrooge!

So, maximise the return on the staff Christmas party investment by capturing the event with professional photography. Sharing photographs from the ‘do’ will help build a sense of belonging and community, as well as being a reminder of the value placed on the contribution made by the staff.

Not all staff will attend the Christmas party, and of those who do, not all will remember it!

Photographs taken as party-goers arrive show everyone at their best, as the evening progresses tiredness can compromise the appearance and emotion will demand some discretion in the taking and editing of the pictures. This is why engaging a seasoned professional is a good idea.

Rate from £250. Get in touch to discuss carefully photographing your business festivities.

HR Dept of this advice to employers on throwing a hassle-free Christmas party:

  • Above all, plan something that is easy to manage
  • Open bars cause too many headaches; for staff with a hangover as well as managers who have to deal with those that have one!
  • Warn staff about conduct during the party and that the staff party is an extension of the workplace
  • The Christmas party is an opportunity to boost morale
  • If you wouldn’t tell your mum about it, don’t do it!

The HMRC view

Here’s a different idea for a party, and here’s another.