Family Portrait Photography

Never, since the invention of the camera, have more family photographs been taken. Sometimes, among the missing heads, blurs and silhouettes there’s a really good portrait. If we’re lucky we’ll remember to do something with the picture before it disappears down the Facebook drain, gets lost forever with the camera or in a home-computer-crash-catastrophe!

What ever the reason for your family get together, you want to be sure you’ll get a good picture. Whether it’s an 80th birthday, going up to big school, leaving home for University, perhaps completing a course, passing an exam, achieving a qualification or getting a dreamed-for job, if it’s important in your family’s life it’s worth making a special, pictorial record. Imagine as you pose, your smiles travelling down through time to be admired by descendants. They’ll see you surrounded by your family and be grateful that you made this record of family history for them! Get in touch to tell me what you would like or to ask for advice or ideas.

Prices are from £250.

For something really special and unique, look at my ‘Heirloom’ family portrait.