The Heirloom Family Portrait – it’s the perfect gift this Christmas

A family portrait photograph in the style of Vermeer. A perfect gift

Create a piece of gorgeous art  – and a beautiful memory that will live forever in your family

You know how hard it is to find a Christmas present for your grown-up family? Well, here’s a unique gift for them, that you’ll love too!

Have you ever walked through a gallery shop, after enjoying an exhibition, to look for a Christmas gift? I came very close to buying a pair of Picasso cushions recently, but then I realised that just because I liked them, didn’t mean that my daughter and her partner would too! It is wonderful having the time to visit exhibitions and galleries to see great art. However, the chances are most of us would sooner spend the time seeing more of our family. Well, certainly the grandchildren!

This Christmas, why not combine your love of fine art and your love for family in a beautiful, unique family portrait – and get a giant, framed print for yourself?

A True Likeness of Your Family

The ‘Heirloom Family Portrait’ can be created where ever they are in the U.K.  I’ll make sure everyone in the picture looks at their best by taking lots and lots of pictures and choosing all the best smiles! Then I join together the best picture of each person using state of the art, digital technology. And that’s the secret behind the ‘Heirloom Family Portrait’!

The ‘Heirloom’ is the ultimate, most beautiful family portrait. See more Heirloom portraits here.

Please call me now to discuss the ‘Heirloom Family Portrait’ on 020 8977 2529 or send a message. If you think you might be interested, we I’ll give you a call back in a few days, so you have plenty of time to consider your investment.

Family portrait in the style of Vermeer and the Dutch school of painting. A perfect gift

The perfect gift for Christmas gift for family, one they can’t help but like!

The family will be photographed at a convenient time during 2017, in their home, or another place of their choosing. Because it’s a valuable investment on your part, I’ve built in some equally valuable break-clauses, so there’s no need to worry. You can see all the terms below.

Terms and Conditions of The Heirloom Family Portrait Gift

The cost of creating your unique family heirloom is £1,500, I send you a voucher which is valid for 12 months from the day of purchase.

If the intended subjects are unwilling to be photographed I’ll refund the fee in full up to the day of the initial meeting. After that a deduction will be made for expenses incurred. If it’s practical, you can transfer the voucher to another family, depends on the circumstances.

If things aren’t working out I may have to cancel the agreement. This can be at any time to up to the shoot with a full refund of the cost. In the event of a cancellation my liability is limited to the sum paid.

The Heirloom Family Portrait is a unique style, which I define, and your picture will conform to that style in so far as the conditions allow.

It is necessary to hold an initial meeting at the intended location with some of the subjects. If, after this meeting the intended subjects choose not to proceed with creating an Heirloom Family Portrait the buyer will be refunded the fee less £100 for expenses incurred.

The image capture (photography shoot) will be arranged for a mutually convenient date, the family can change this up to 5 days before, after that there will be a supplementary charge to cover expenses incurred. The shoot must proceed on the agreed day, otherwise the voucher will be deemed to be spent. In some circumstances, I may allow a postponement within 2 days of the shoot.

A high resolution JPEG will be delivered on a USB memory stick with two framed prints to a UK address selected by the buyer. The prints will be up to A3+ size in a plain black frame.

Please call me to discuss the Heirloom Family Portrait on 020 8977 2529 or send a message. Together, we’ll create an heirloom for all the family.