Family Portrait Photography

Never, since the invention of the camera, have more family photographs been taken. Sometimes, among the missing heads, blurs and silhouettes there’s a really good portrait. If we’re lucky we’ll remember to do something with the picture before it disappears down the Facebook drain, gets lost forever with the camera or in a home-computer-crash-catastrophe!

There are many reasons people give for commissioning a new family portrait. Often, it’s just because the children are growing up, but it’s also been ‘going up to big school’ or because someone is leaving home for University. Big family gatherings to celebrate big birthdays is a common prompt, if it’s important in your family’s life it’s worth making a special, pictorial record. Family portraits can make great presents for grandparents. 

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To make high quality family photography available to all, prices are from just £100

To guarantee a family photograph where everyone is smiling, and for something really special and unique, look at my ‘Heirloom’ family portrait.

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