The Heirloom Family Portrait – Photography to Treasure

The Heirloom is the ultimate, most beautiful family portrait. Drawing on the delicate aesthetic of Vermeer and the Dutch school of painting, The Heirloom photograph captures the family in it’s uniqueness – it’s character and personality.

I know how to get everyone smiling!

You know it’s a challenge to catch everyone in the photograph with eyes open, let alone smiling! I want to do more than that. When you look at your picture I want you to see a true likeness of your family and the bonds that hold them together. Sometimes, you might even call it the look of love!

This is a unique style; normal, happy family scenes composed within the family environment. They exploit the home as a canvas, using objects that carry special meaning and symbolism for the family, which give the picture ever more poignancy as the years pass.

Our secret is taking lots of images and employing state-of-the-art digital techniques to combine different images so that everyone is not just smiling, but looking their best. There is no ‘decisive moment’ – the picture is crafted from the many created during the shoot. It aspires to capture the family better because it’s a distillation of time spent together.

Our style and technique was developed by us and isn’t used by any other photographer, it allows us to create pictures of happy family scenes composed within the family’s own environment, using the home as a canvas. It’s a picture the family will treasure forever.

Taking the time to get a truly special picture of the family can pay dividends, a picture that will grow in poignancy and the affection of the family with the passing years, becoming a treasured family heirloom. I’d love to create that picture for your family, prices start at £500. You can also buy an ‘Heirloom Family Portrait’ to give as a gift, it includes a free framed print of the portrait for you and one for the family in the photograph. Get in touch to find out more.

We created a picture of our family shortly before our daughter went to University,