Actor’s Headshots

An actor’s headshot is a chance to connect with the casting director, to let them see the person you are, and who you could be. So with long experience working in various broadcast media, I understand the interaction from all sides and can help you make the impression you want. A short walk from Teddington station in southwest London gets you to my portrait studio, we also have a garden offering several different background choices. You can come to me with confidence knowing you’ll only have to pay for what you like and choose, £75 for the first headshot you choose and then £30 for each additional image you pick. You can choose at your leisure from all the session photographs in an online gallery. (Remember, if you don’t like how look you can re-shoot for free or walk away.)

Please call me on 020 8977 2529 or message me if you have any questions about your actor’s headshots.

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Not all of these are actors