Author Headshots

Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent says this about author headshots;

“As an author pursuing publication, have you thought about the fact that you’re going to need a professional headshot? Many people brush off the idea initially, thinking they can have a friend take some nice shots in the backyard. That might be true and you may think your snapshot looks great, but many people will perceive it as a snapshot or an amateur photo. You don’t want the look of an amateur – you’re a professional all the way. A great headshot is key to presenting exactly the right image to the world – whatever you want that image to be. If you’re already contracted with a publisher, you should get your headshots right away. But many bloggers and people with an online presence would benefit from a professional photo as well.”

Before doing anything we’ll consider what author headshots are right for your book jacket. This depends on the subject of the book, the target market and house-style of the publisher. Photographed at my Teddington studio in a relaxed, no-pressure session, taking as long as it takes to do the hair up and hair down, tie on and off, jacket buttoned, unbuttoned or off.

Prices start at £60 and if you don’t like any of the pictures there’s no charge. Please call me on 020 8977 2529 or send me a message.

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