Business & Corporate Staff Headshot Photographs

Get business or corporate staff photographs with efficiency, discretion, and minimal fuss. Images can be arranged to match any house style. Proof galleries are provided for image selection. 

The costs are proportionate to the number of people expected to be photographed. For example, 10 people would cost £300, 20 people would be £500. Expenses depend of the location of the shoot.  For a more accurate estimate, please call me on 020 8977 2529 or send me a message.

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Headshots Needn’t be a Headache

Getting business or corporate staff photographs should be a straightforward task- it’d start and finish on time and everyone would turn up on schedule.

Job done.

But if that’s not been your experience of arranging a headshot photographer to come in snap the team photos, let me try to make your life a little easier.

“Sorry, I can’t get to the shoot because….”

You’ll hear some great excuses for not attending. Some people don’t like having their picture taken, but by being sympathetic, flexible and remaining positive we’ll guarantee to get all the headshots or profile portraits you need. The shoot can be at the business premises in a meeting room, or I can arrange for a convenient room near-by. I can also advise on scheduling business or corporate staff photographs, and ensuring that the staff arrive prepared to be photographed. 

Keep Staff Profile Pictures Up-to-Date

Staff leave, new staff start – which makes keeping business or corporate staff photographs or profiles up to date is a bit of a nightmare. We have a solution! Read about our economic Corporate Portrait Packages.

Team Photographs

A photograph of the whole staff can create a real sense of ‘team’. Getting everyone away from their desks gets people talking and should be fun. Of course it has to be quick and efficient! Get in touch by clicking here or calling 020 8977 2529.

Working Portraits

A working portrait doesn’t just show people doing a job, it shows that they competent, efficient and tidy. It can show clients and customers that they can put their trust in them.