Corporate Staff Profile Photograph Packages

good profile portrait photographs

Looking at your corporate staff profile pictures is the new client’s first engagement with your businesses.

The importance of good staff pictures on a website is often spoken of.  People like to see the person with whom they’re be dealing, seeing their picture is their first interaction with the business.  Unfortunately for many southwest London companies the staff have an ever-changing face!

It’s All About the ‘About Us’

It’s essential to keep the team’s website photos up-to-date and consistent. But it can be quite a challenge.  Here’s where I can help with a Corporate Portrait Package.

On-demand, Consistent Style, Very Competitive Unit Cost

When Jack leaves and Gill joins, just call me.  As your regular photographer I’ll already know the company’s house style, which room to use for the shoot and who updates the website.  So no need to search, look at boring websites or wonder if the unknown photographer will turn up!

a neutral expression is the most useful

Choose a Corporate Team Profile Photograph Package

You’ll have a good idea how many people might need photographing in an average month and we can offer the most economic package.

Call me on 020 8977 2529 to discuss what would best work for you.

The duration of photography sessions will be flexible enough to allow for a subject being late, and don’t worry if you don’t need a session one month, you can carry the time onto the next month.

‘Polishing’ the images to make everyone look their best will take fewer than 5 working days then you’ll be able to download them from a private area on the web.  Rush delivery can be arrange, and should your photography needs increase during the year you can upgrade to a larger package only paying the balance.

Our aim is take away the pain of managing staff photos in an easy, affordable way.

a good working portrait

Occasional Package     £840
One session of photography per month totalling 12 hours per year
Regular Package          £1560
One session of photography per month totalling 24 hours per year
Frequent Package        £1920
Two sessions of photography per month totalling 24 hours per year


Terms and Conditions.

  • Images will have a white, black or grey background.
  • The session time starts from the booked time. We’ll arrive at least 30 minutes before to set up.
  • The session ends at the time of the last photograph. A 1 hour booking can stretch to 75 minutes, but anything over will be rounded up to a full hour from the annual total contracted.
  • The maximum session length is normally 4 hours but longer sessions can be arranged. An invoice will be issued on exchange of contracts, photography sessions can be booked immediately but no images will be delivered until payment has cleared.
  • No time can be carried over beyond the contract expiry.
  • The images will be delivered via Dropbox.
  • Copyright in the images is retained by Trevor Aston Photography and we may use the images for our own promotion.
  • The client designates one location where the photography will take place.  An additional charge will be made for each mile over 25 between Teddington and the location – Occasional Package £4 per mile      Regular Package £8 per mile         Frequent Package £12 per mile