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LinkedIn profile portrait photography Teddington Richmond Kingston upon Thames Surrey LinkedIn profile portrait photography matters – everyone recognises the importance of a good headshot for LinkedIn. Well, nearly everyone, you still see a blank space where the profile photograph should be, or worse a picture taken on the beach in a Bermuda shirt and sunglasses. Judgement starts and opinions begin to form from the moment someone looks at a profile. It might not be fair, but it is human nature.

If you are ‘the business’ it’s especially important that you look ‘the business’, which means a picture portraying your authority and professionalism while still looking approachable and friendly.

But now there really is no excuse for not having a first–rate, engaging yet authorative profile picture on your LinkedIn page, because I’ll do it for at a very affordable price, and there’s a no-risk guarantee.

Photographed at my Teddington studio in a relaxed, no-pressure session, taking as long as it takes to do the hair up and hair down, tie on and off, jacket buttoned, unbuttoned or off.

Prices start at £60 and if you don’t like any of the pictures there’s no charge. Please call me on 020 8977 2529 or send me a message.

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