Fourth Monday Profile Video and Photograph Shoots

photography and video profile shoot

The next shoot is on Monday 26th February,  book now.

It’s nice and easy – a combined video and photo profile shoot to produce professional imagery – marketing assets for your website that will engage website visitors and help convert them into clients.

We all understand the importance of making a good impression, especially if it’s your first meeting. Today, we may not even be aware of that first encounter as more often than not it takes place online. 

Video and photography make it really easy to have a presence online, even when you’re asleep!  But, as with all online content the quality must be top-class. If it’s knocked-off and slap-dash you’ll come across as unprofessional, while a good profile online and in print is a fantastic opportunity to connect through your knowledge, professionalism and personality. I’ll use my extensive BBC production and directing experience to help you structure and deliver your ‘piece to camera’, so in just 30 minutes you can get professional video and photography ‘in the can’!

You can book into our very accessible combined shoot for just £249.


The Video Profile Shoot

A profile video is a short, simple address to the camera where you deliver your ‘elevator pitch’, as if to your ideal client. It can be about your products or services, or about what you do for your clients and what they say about you. Or you might talk about yourself and your passion for your business. It’s up to you!
We guarantee you’ll leave with a first rate, professional video, between one and two minutes duration in the can. It really is the nearest thing to actually being in front of someone in his or her office. 

Professional Polish

We’ll direct you through the video recording to make sure you look and sound good. If you’re unsure about what to say don’t worry, we can help you develop your ideas before the shoot, perhaps write a script and even help you practise your presentation. There’s no need to worry about loosing your way during your recording, we can give you direction and we have an autocue for the words. 

As a writer and director with the BBC, I took a brief for a promo from the marketing department, conceived an idea or ‘treatment’, then wrote the script and directed the shoot. I’ll use these skills to help you develop your pitch – such as envisaging your target audience, connecting with them and then presenting your offer. 

You can book into our very accessible combined shoot for just £249. (Early bird rate)

The Portrait Photograph Profile Shoot

It’s sometimes called a ‘headshot’, but that’s a term which undervalues this marketing asset. If you are ‘the business’ it’s especially important that you look ‘the business’, which means a photo portraying your authority and professionalism while still looking approachable and friendly. I’ll photograph you in the manner you think is right for your business, and help you identify what that should be if you’re not sure. The pictures will be displayed on a private page of my website where you’ll be able to choose which profile picture you’d like.


You can book into our very accessible combined shoot for just £249. (Early bird rate)