‘About Us’ Video

About us videos are vital components of any business website. They are effective ways of communicating with visitors to websites, overcoming the reluctance to read text, and impressing Google. These videos set out to give potential customers and clients a clear picture of the service or product they’re considering. They can offer a clear insight and tangible engagement with the viewer. 

The equivalent video for professionals and freelancers would be the profile video, see more here.

Video production is priced from £500 per day, get in touch to discuss how the undoubted benefits of video can be brought to your business website. Message here or call 020 8977 2529.

Journey of Life

This short film introduces ‘Journey of Life’, a poem and a garden. Built at the Hampton Court Flower Show 2017 by its designer Edward Mairis.


People who didn’t know Dodgeball found it a bit hard to envisage, so they wanted a video that caught some of the excitement of Dodgeball and Nerf War party.

EmbroidMe Surrey
The Forge Clinic, Richmond upon Thames

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