Testimonial Video

Client Testimonial Video

If customers and clients like what you do, make sure everyone knows it, otherwise you’re missing the chance to have existing clients help you sell to new ones! A testimonial comes under the ‘nudge’ category, someone has to be at least a little interested before click on’ play’. It’s known as ‘social proof’, and who can claim that they aren’t influenced by the opinions of others. Customer testimonials rate at 89% effectiveness, according to research by WebDAM, Marketing Land says that £90 of people says their buying decisions are influenced by by online reviews. 

The example below was part of a bigger investment, and more than just a testimonial. It’s shows the value of service as well as promoting the business. 

Send me message to find out more, or call me on 0208977 2529. Video production is priced from £500 per day, I can also offer training to a smaller business, who might prefer to produce their own testimonial videos.

Course Check

In this video, a Course Check client talks about why he uses their service.

By Word of Mouth 

In this video, a homeowner talks about her home and her hopes from the refurbishments.


The Midlife Cyclist

This company organises cycling tours in Italy for people who’re not quite as young as the were! The video captures some of the fun and the challenge.

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