Video – Tell Your Story

Video can tell stories for business – stories which engage people’s interest so they want to know more, they want to know where it leads. In a video you can tell if someone’s telling the truth, and begin the journey to becoming a customer or client.

Telling stories was at the heart of my work in the BBC. I learned to make films that both connect with a viewer and use that connection to put across a message.

Send me a message to find out more, or call me on 020 8977 2529. Video production is priced from £500 per day, I can also offer training to a smaller business, who might prefer to produce their own videos.

There are many different ways to tell a business story, here are a few I’ve made recently.





BBC TV Promos

The BBC training and investment in individual development is legendary. I gained a tremendous wealth of experience and expertise over three decades with the corporation. It stands me in good stead for any challenge. You can see some of the televisions promos I made as writer and director on this page.