Weddings – the Story of a Special Day

I love to photograph a wedding, it’s a real privilege to record this very special event.  I capture the story by slipping into shadows and corners, discretely photographing the people, their delight, laughter, hugs, handshakes and kisses. Stepping forward to support the bride and groom with a smile and reassurance when needed. I’m determined that the photography should stay in the background, not taking over and distorting the real meaning of a wedding day. 

It’s wonderful for everyone sharing the occasion, especially when family and friends travel some distance to be together. Creating a high-quality, traditional album, an online gallery or DVD is a marvellous way to seal the memories and share with those who can’t get to the event, and the generations to come. You can choose to have a beautiful printed photographic album of the occasion or to take the pictures as a digital file. Whatever format you choose you can be sure that your album collection of pictures will document the event, tell the story and capture those attending. 

Prices start from £900, but every couple is different so I customise my services to meet the expectations and budget. Get in touch to talk about your event and how you would like it documented. You can email or call 020 8977 2529.